API-614 Lube Oil Systems / API-614 Seal Oil Systems 

Constant, uninterrupted supply of clean, pressure-and-temperature-controlled lube & seal oil is vital in the daily operation of critical service reciprocating and turbo-machinery. The American Petroleum Institute compiled and continually refines the API-614 Standard 614 to aggregate the best industry practices on this topic.

Lube & Seal Oil Consoles: 

With a president who has served as an active API-614 committee member for decades, G.J. Oliver, Inc. exhibits an uncommon depth of knowledge and expertise in the application of this standard. G.J. Oliver, Inc. incorporates API-614, other relevant industry standards along with client specifications into our system designs and has a proven track record with experience with major Users, EPCs, and OEMs in the Petrochemical and Power Generation industries. Every oil system is designed and manufactured by G.J. Oliver, Inc. is specifically tailored to suit client requirements with emphasis on maximized reliability and maintainability. G.J. Oliver’s engineering staff also offers guidance, informed advice and recommendations, where appropriate, to assist clients towards achieving optimal conclusions for their critical projects 

Oil Systems Upgrades: 

When clients seek to upgrade existing systems, substantial challenges tied to the available space and facility layout often arise, especially when attempting to apply more robust design criteria. G.J. Oliver has designed and built upgrade/replacement lube oil systems for tightly limited spaces which meet current API standards and more stringent client specifications. Such projects require a higher degree of engagement, cooperation, and communication to ensure that the final design suits the facility as well as the application. Despite the challenges, clients find that adding redundancies, improved materials, maintenance activity improvements, along with modern instrumentation and control provides substantial benefits.