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Fabrication & Assembly Services for Pumps & Compressors 

G.J. Oliver, Inc. provides fabrication, machining  and assembly services for large pumps and compressors. Our goal is to partner with our customers to  provide timely solutions for restoration and repair of rotating equipment assemblies and/or their components. 

Our experience with heavy rigging and safe, careful handling of oversize components along with our capacity, mechanical skill set, and knowledge of rotating machinery assembly, fit, and function allows us to assemble and ship large equipment as complete assemblies. Many large pumps may otherwise have to be shipped in sections and assembled on-site at a much greater cost and with some reduced quality simply due to environmental factors and conditions. GJO has shipped large pump assemblies weighing over 100,000 pounds.

One of G.J. Oliver’s core competencies which adds value to our fabrication services is our ability to provide machinery assembly services for larger pumps. In working with all OEM design types and any combination of new, used, customer supplied or G.J. Oliver manufactured components, we have the experience to ensure casing hydro and leak tests and final assembly specifications are to be met.